Why x-x.net ?
We enable any to any (x-x) networks: business to business (b-b), business to consumer (b-c), peer to peer (p-p).
We integrate business systems using industry standard xml messages, such as FpML, UNIFI, and Origo Standards. This allows you to connect to more partners and applications, for more business at lower cost.

x-x.net is at the forefront of financial & internet technology in the UK. We supply software and consulting services to leading British banks, insurance providers, financial advisors, finance portals and fund supermarkets. As we work behind the scenes building the technology that makes it happen, you may only have heard of the business that rely on our developments. With teams in London and around the UK, we are readily available to take on new challenges around the country.

We also manage the development of emerging global industry standards for multilingual search engines, domain names, payment systems and email. We host the Working Groups developing standards for multilingual internet applications. Detailed white papers explain the requirements and best of breed solutions. Industry models are underway, identifying industry participants. Messaging standards for industry participants are in development.

Most recent clients rely on our experience in XML and web services. With expertise across a variety of industries, we're well adapted to make the most of established and emerging technologies. Our staff are with you to help develop the solutions that are your key business drivers. We can also help with business cases, providing internet market research and statistics, and research summaries. Our independent product and service evaluation will help you choose the best solution.

To connect with your clients, connect with us: connect@x-x.net.